Three Ways to Achieve the Ideal Work-Life Balance

Kambria Johnson

Work is important. We work 45 hours per week and spend 16 hours on weekends with our families. Because work pays the bills, it’s easy to get carried away and neglect other aspects of our lives. In this article, I’d like to share three strategies for balancing work and life and living a healthy lifestyle.

It is critical to re-examine your beliefs about what constitutes a balanced work-life environment, because no matter what I teach you in this article, I will not be able to reach you if you believe work is everything. When it comes to work-life balance, people have various belief systems. Some believe it is something to strive for, while others believe work comes first and is everything. If you don’t believe in work-life balance, I have nothing to say to you. Assuming you believe in a good work-life balance. Here are my three recommendations for striking a healthy work-life balance:

(I) Set goals outside of your workplace.

We lead hectic lives, especially if we work or, worse, are self-employed. Nothing gets done unless we make a conscious effort to do it. To achieve a healthy work-life balance, you must first intend to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Set goals for yourself outside of work. Are there any interests or hobbies that inspire you to set goals outside of work? Is your family enough of a motivator for you to set goals outside of work? Perhaps you’d like to join a running club, learn to play the guitar, or learn to dance. Set goals for whatever it is that you are interested in doing outside of work. Aim to spend time with family and friends every two weeks, for example, or to go for a run every Thursday morning. Set goals because we achieve what we set our sights on.

(II) Be open and honest with your coworkers about your objectives.

Be open and honest with your coworkers or business partners about your goals; this way, when they schedule meetings or work activities, they will be more aware of your needs. When your coworkers are aware that you arrive a little late every Thursday because that is when you go for your runs, they are more likely to accommodate you when scheduling work meetings or other work activities. Your personal goals should be shared with your coworkers so that there is no conflict.

(III) Decentralize control in your workplace.

It will be impossible to achieve a healthy work-life balance if you do not have people to assist you with your work. Find trustworthy people who share your values and with whom you can collaborate. Train them well enough that you can delegate work responsibilities to them. You will have more time if you do this. If you don’t train your subordinates, you’ll have to face your work responsibilities all the time, with no downtime – no work-life balance for you. Unless you are earning passive income, most businesses are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remember to stay inspired, to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way of success, and to never give up on yourself or your goals.