7 Ways to Make Your Resume More Engaging

Walker Brown

1st Resume Tip – Write an Engaging Summary
1. A résumé objective is discouraged. It’s been that way for more than two decades.
2. The goal is used to inform the employer of the candidate’s desires. It is now obsolete because it is obvious that you are looking for work!
3. The summary focuses on what you can do for the employer as a candidate. This is the upbeat section. It is analogous to the handshake.
4. Emphasizing soft skills here gives your resume a human touch.

2nd Resume Tip – Use Engaging Headings
1. If you have two to five years of experience or are changing careers, use “Core competencies.” Fill in the blanks with your areas of expertise.
2. If you have a longer work history, use “Professional Expertise.” And, yes, they should be summarized here.
3. If you are technically competent, use “Technical Competencies.” This is especially important for people applying for technical jobs.

3rd Resume Tip – Engaging Experience
1. People tend to focus on job duties and descriptions rather than accomplishments. Don’t do it.
2. Include the company name, job title, and years of employment, as well as the results, effects, and contributions you made at previous jobs.
3. Keep them brief, to-the-point, concise, and compact.
4. Start with the most important points.
5. Start with the most important information.
6. Don’t say more than 7.

4th Resume Tip – Engaging Education Highlights
1. The education section includes information about your institution, dates of attendance, and the degree or certification you received.
2. Professional development, continuing education, on-the-job training, and other nontraditional education should also be considered.
3. As an added bonus, mention something you are currently doing. Demonstrates a desire to learn and grow in order to become a better person.

5th Resume Tip – Engaging Finish
1. Fill in the blanks with elements that don’t quite fit in any of the other sections.
2. Experience with proprietary or customized software may be required for a technical position.
3. You could include leadership activities for an executive position.
4. Major awards, recognitions, and accomplishments that merit more attention than a detail in another section of the résumé can be listed here.

6th Resume Tip – Engaging All the Way
1. Make a package out of the entire resume.
2. Have a distinct focus and brand
3. Give the employer something to look forward to. 4. Make sure that everything, from the design to the presentation, is unique.
5. Keep in mind that content is king!

7th Resume Tip – Engaging 101
Don’t assume that just because you’re good at your job, you’re also good at branding, resume writing, interview skills, and job hunting. Leave this to the experts. Mentoring will increase your chances of being Engaging!