It Takes Two to ‘Perfect’ the Art of Handshaking!

Livia Smith

Not only in the business world, but also in places (societies) where ‘privacy’ reigns supreme, has a handshake represented a silent understanding between two people. It truly establishes a foundation for a formal exchange of communication in the immediate or near future. According to a highly regarded professional skills trainer, the quality of the ‘handy’ physical touch frequently correlates with the ‘quality relationship’ that may dwell and persist.

The following are the most common types of ‘Handshakes’ used/practiced in the corporate/business world today. Let’s take a quick look at each.

This has to be classified as a “BAD Handshake.” The person extending their hand either intentionally or unintentionally crushes the other person’s hand, causing pain. This is known as a “Bone Cruncher” or “Knuckle Cruncher.” The individual may be nervous, but he or she is unquestionably insensitive. For the time being, such a person should be avoided.

A boring and dull personality will always offer an inert, wilted, motionless hand for the purpose of a handshake, clearly indicating the negativity that individual exudes. This is your “Dead Fish” handshake! There’s little chance of a follow-up conversation happening anytime soon.

A “touch-me-not” expression is commonly expressed through a “Sanitary” handshake, which is mostly used by apprehensive and/or awkward people. A full-fledged hand will be offered a quick touch-and-go of two or three fingers of such a person!

A “Condolence” handshaking gesture is considered inappropriate in places other than a funeral. The person almost completely fills the palm with palm and deeply presses the hand with another hand. It demonstrates the concerned individual’s affectionate and caring nature.

A person who is overly eager, anxious, and almost ‘insecure’ extends a handshake that never seems to end! The individual does not know when to stop and shakes the other person’s arm as if it were pumping equipment, making the other person feel foolish and unwise. Please avoid being a “Pumper”!

A PROPER HANDSHAKE denotes the joining of two hands’ ‘webbing’ to each other – firmly and warmly for a short time and then letting go. A warm SMILE on the face and full ‘eye-contact’ will make the brief encounter last longer in the memory. A politely toned self-introduction goes a long way in this situation!

Men should always rise to shake hands with women, and women should do the same.

I am confident that the above procedures for a first formal meeting will be remembered by readers, particularly those who are new to the corporate world. To reap the most benefits from the proper handshake, practice it!