Methods for Interview Preparation

Livia Smith

The thrill of showing up for an interview is always unique. Thinking about what to put on and looking at the clock, realizing you only have a few hours left, will get your heart racing. “What are they going to ask me?” and “I hope they like me because I’d like to work in a unique setting” start to creep in. We’ve all been there at some unspecified point in the future, and we’ve all felt that jittery feeling when an interview is on the horizon. That is essentially the most common sensation on the planet. The anticipation of working in a new organization and meeting new people, on the other hand, is far more thrilling. So, what steps must be taken to prepare for an interview?

Continue reading for some tips and strategies to help you land your dream job.

Examine again, and don’t make the same mistakes.

Take some time to reflect on the mistakes you made in previous interviews. The questions that have stumped you or that you are unsure how to answer. Make an effort to work on them. Practise in front of the mirror or with family and friends in mock interviews.

Examine the job description to see what is expected of you. Is it something related to your skill set or something completely new? It is preferable to arrive reasonably prepared rather than arriving as an individual who has no idea what s/he is doing there.

On time completion

Prepare for all of the details ahead of time. Nobody wants to hire someone who isn’t worth their time. Arrive a few minutes early because there is no excuse for being late for an interview. Make sure you are well-dressed. Put on appropriate attire. Many people are so preoccupied with what they are going to say during their interview that they fail to notice all of the important details. Make sure your hair is neat. Avoid going overboard with make-up and keep it simple. Bring a hard copy of your resume with you. It makes no difference if you emailed your CV to them. Bring all of the necessary and legitimate paperwork that will be required on the day of the interview.

Respect others.

You’ve arrived for an interview, and it’s possible that it’s in your office. As a result, regardless of who you meet in the foyer, conduct yourself appropriately. Greet the interviewer with a smile and wait until you are offered a chair. Check your posture and appear alert. That’s it, your second chance at glory. Give everything you’ve got and start speaking from the bottom of your heart. Remember to convey your plus points honestly and factually. You should keep in mind that you may be there for a reason, and now is the time to show them why they need someone like you.


Make an effort not to avoid answering a question. If you’re asked a question that makes you uncomfortable, be honest about why you won’t be able to answer it. You can be elaborate in your responses to the questions you can answer, but keep the purpose in mind. Share your previous job experiences and respond to questions in a straightforward and concise manner. Make no disparaging remarks about your previous or current boss, colleagues, or company. Make the most of your last few minutes. If you are invited to participate, ask questions. Questions like, “What are the growth prospects for this position?” or “Can you describe the office culture at this organization?” Finish the interview on a high note. If the interview has not yet taken place, you can inquire about the timeframe for when you will be aware if you have passed the first round of the interview process. Be courteous at all times, no matter what the outcome may be. You’d want people to remember you as someone they enjoyed speaking with. A motivated and constructive job applicant is admired by potential employers. Simply make sure not to overdo it. Best wishes!